3/12/18 Trail update: All trails were groomed this weekend. Conditions are good with the exception of a few thin areas where recent wood harvesting took place. One place is on Dolly mountain on 117N and the other is on the Lohnes Farm Road in trail 16. Our groomer will be out this week making the trails great after Tuesday’s storm. If you are free Thursday night please come and join us for our monthly meeting at the Roxbury town office at 7:00pm

We just got word that the Andover club lost a track. No parts are available so they will be done for the season. Please take note when heading that direction

To whoever cut the leaning trees over the trail on 117 between four ponds and ITS84. Thank you! We really appreciate it! With only a handful of volunteers in our club it's really hard to get everything done. If its just one branch or a clump of trees getting cut out of the trail it really does help. It helps because our limited volunteers spend their time grooming, signing, and doing maintenance. We just don't have the time or manpower to do it all. So thank you again!

2/19/2018 Trail Update: Bunker Pond trail to Black Bridge and Andover groomed yesterday, 16 to Roxbury Pond and Andover groomed yesterday afternoon, 117 South of Byron groomed last night, planning on grooming 117 north today.

2/14/18 Trail Update: Monday trail 16 was groomed over to ITS 82. Yesterday 117 was groomed from Byron to ITS 84. Some sections needed multiple passes due to major weekend traffic and soft snow conditions. Tomorrow 2/15/18 is our monthly meeting. We hope to see you all there.

2/9/18 Trail update: Last night Connector trail 117 was groomed from Mexico to ITS 84. Water bars and thin cover areas have now been eliminated. Trail 16 to Roxbury pond will be groomed this morning. Please ride with caution as our groomer is operated 24/7

UPDATE: Bunker pond and the twins trail will be groomed after trail 16. All main trails will be groomed before the weekend

2/2/2018 Trail Update groomed 16 to Ellis Pond Variety in the afternoon, Logging on Lonus Farm Road, needs more snow in places.

2/1/18 Trail update: 117 from Byron to ITS 84 was groomed last night. There is one area with washouts and very thin cover. Other then that the trail is being reported as best it’s been all year.

1/25/18 Trail update: We took the loner out and did 16 over to Roxbury pond yesterday. Conditions were reported as very good. All water bars or washouts have been filled or covered. There is still a logging operation on trail 16 to Roxbury pond. There may be low hanging branches or downed trees from ice. Please ride with caution. Stay tuned for more trail updates.

1/23/2018 UPDATE: Groomer down! Our groomer is out of commission. Possible broken motor mounts. GetSno LLC will be dropping off a loner in the next day or two. We will keep you updated

1/21/2018 Update: Bunker Pond trail groomed on Friday night, 117 South groomed on Saturday afternoon. Lost a lot of snow with the rail and warm temps, need more snow soon. A new logging operation has stated on 16 west on the Lowness Farm road, a couple miles of plowed road which right now is pretty bare. NEED MORE SNOW!!!!

1/16/18 Trail Report: Last night we groomed 117 from Byron to ITS84. These are the notes from the groomer operator; 90% of the trail to Rangeley is good, rest is icy. Caution required on the power line as it is very icy

1/7/18 Trail Update: 117 from Byron to ITS 84 was groomed yesterday. Please ride with caution because the winds are still very strong. You might encounter trees across the trail and snow drifts

1/5/18 Trail update #2: The Bunker Pond trail was groomed today. With the cold weather it's setting up very nice!

1/5/18 Trail Update: We have sustained some heavy winds. It's possible that there may be trees down across the trail. If you're out riding please ride with caution. We will keep you updated on trails we've cleared and groomed

1/4/17 Trail update: We’ve already put over 100 hours on the groomer. 117, 16, Twin Mountain Trail, Black Bridge Trail, Bunker Pond Trail, and JR’s Trail all have been groomed at least once. Some areas still need more snow but with today’s storm we should be in great shape