Trail update, groomed from Frye over the twins to ITS 82 and the black bridge connector trail, be careful of open brooks. Snow is very sticky and not grooming well.


Trail update, walked the groomer over the twins to 82 and to Black Bridge and back. trails are rocky with running water we need snow.

Trail update, groomed from Coos Canyon 117 S. opened up the Roxbury village connector did another pass on the high trail finished up in Frye. tomorrow weather depending will open up the trail to 82 over the twins and the black bridge connector


Trail Update. Panned 16w to 82 last night watch for rocks and water bars. Panned 117 south to walker Brook still having to lift the drag to make the hills, watch out for rocks and water bars. Walker Brook road is plowed but we can use it please yield to loggers.